Melendy Britt


When I was in the first grade and was told I could be in the Christmas play, I was so hoping to be Mary and to be able to sit beside the cradle with baby Jesus! However, I was given the role of “first angel” because, as the teacher said… “You have the loudest voice.” I felt okay about it after I found out I got to have big beautiful wings! Somehow, my homemade wings were so big that they kept tipping to the side, but I kept holding them up ’til the end of the play. Even at 6 I knew that the show must go on.When I was 12, I was cast in a play as Guinevere, Young King Arthur’s love. After the play, kids younger than I came backstage and wanted autographs on their programs, and thought I was a real princess! Well, that did it. That day, the actress in me was born.At 14, I was cast in a live television show in Houston, Texas as “Lovely Little Harriet” — the girl who told everyone about the prizes to be given away. When I was 15, the station cast me as the co-host of a dance party show called “Teen Time Party.”From there, on to awards in high school state competition plays, and a scholarship to the famous Alley Theatre in Houston Texas. Then work as company ingenue at the Playhouse Theatre, while recording promos for a jazz station in Houston as “The Girl with the Velvet Voice.” Then to Las Vegas, then Chicago with a musical revue.Then came my move to Los Angeles, where I began working on stage, and in many roles in film, television, and voice-over, including animation.It was then that I was cast in the iconic voice actor role of “She-Ra, Princess of Power,” which has been a gift to me and a joy for many others. I’m still receiving fan mail after 30 years from those whose lives have been touched by the series. Being the voice of superhero She-Ra has made me so grateful that I was chosen to be one of the very first strong female role models in animation.I’ve so many people to thank for my success in this business, from my high school teacher, Mrs. Ruth Denny, to my first agent, Harold Gefsky, to my current agents at CESD and to each person who has stood by me and tried to help in any way they could to keep me working at my craft. I love you all and you know who you are!.Most of all, I want to acknowledge each of you whose lives have been affected in a positive way by She-Ra and what she represents. This site was inspired by you. For the Honor of Grayskull!

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