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Mabyn & Daniel are available for weddings in Charlotte, Asheville, Greesnboro North Carolina and beyond. We’re a husband and wife wedding photography team, based out of Charlotte North Carolina. We’ve spent 10 years of shooting weddings, traveling the country, and meeting hundreds of amazing couple’s capturing their unique & beautiful love stories! Your wedding is an extension of the two of you. You’re full of joy at the idea of marrying the one you love, you’re excited to spend quality time with your favorite people, and you yearn for something more than just a cookie cutter wedding. You want something unique to who you are and you want your photography to reflect that too. HECK YES is what we have to say to that! We agree 110%! We’ve created our business around our client’s stories. It’s not about us or the showiness of your wedding day, it’s about two people making a vow and the commuity who is gathered there to support & love you. We also believe that choosing a photographer shouldn’t be laiden with stress or fear. We’re here to serve & guide you step by step giving you the peace of mind that your wedding will be captured flawlessly!

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