Lucas Gathings

Raised on a cattle and poultry farm in rural North Carolina, singersongwriter, Lucas Gathings, began playing the piano at the age of eight. After only a few short months of piano lessons, it was clear to everyone that Lucas’s musical abilities extended beyond the norm. Lucas was quickly recognized as having a God-given talent and he began to play for church and weddings. Possessing a quiet, calm personality, Lucas’s musical gifts served as an outlet for expressing himself throughout his teenage years. Lucas spent much of his junior high and high school career performing in various competitions and festivals. Upon graduation from high school, Lucas quickly became a local celebrity as he played in restaurants, honky-tonks and other venues in North and South Carolina.
Over time, Lucas became a self-taught musician on multiple instruments including the guitar, banjo, steel guitar, bass guitar and drums. Soon after the realization of having a gift in playing multiple instruments by ear, he began his journey of writing music. He and his friend, Kyle Leary, commenced to writing song lyrics and Lucas would compose the instrumentals. Lucas then enlisted female vocalist, Sydney Davis, to sing back-up harmony and to collaborate on duets.
With no band to accompany him, Lucas quickly developed skills in composing his own music, playing and recording each part and instrument separately and using recording software to layer the music creating a full band sound. Lucas used this method to self-publish his first album, Back Then, in the fall of 2014. Lucas’s latest album, Dixie in the Heart, was released in February of 2016 and comprised of songs that reflect a glimpse of his life in a small southern town. Lucas has a genuinely modest and humble demeanor and displays the traits of a true southern gentleman; however, his quiet personality is not evident on stage. Lucas gained a great deal of notoriety in 2015 when he competed and won in a number of talent showcases. In the spring of 2015,
Lucas was the People’s Choice winner of the Carolina’s Healthcare System Talent Showcase in uptown Charlotte. In June of the same year, he won the Interstate 107 FM Country Showdown in Lancaster, SC and went on to represent Interstate 107 FM in the North Carolina/South Carolina finals of the Country Showdown. In April of 2016, Lucas won a spot in the top four of the Carolina Country Music Festival’s Battle of the Bands held in Charlotte, NC and hosted by 96.9 FM The Kat. Lucas’s melodic style is reflective of his love of country music and has a blend of southern rock. His music mirrors his heart and soul and is influenced by country legends as well as newer artists including Conw

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