Jared’s musical foundation came from grade school concert band and weekly piano lessons. He recalls always having an inner urge to further immerse himself in the ? of music by singing, but never having the courage to do so until high school. After college he planned to pursue a career as a successful Pop/ R&B Entertainer until divine intervention revealed to him that the true ? of music resided within the inner most depths of God’s ?. Now Jared seeks to share that same ? with you through his worship in song as you go with him on this musical journey!
Jared is striving to better himself daily as he works to help change the face of the music industry while being a role model and reaching out to others. As a dancer & actor, he also aspires to establish his name among the greats in the entertainment industry. Acknowledging God in all his ways, he is blessed and thankful to be able to do what he loves.

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