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Dillon Forge is a blacksmith shop owned and operated by Michael Dillon, located in Crabapple, Georgia – just north of Atlanta. Michael has more than twenty years experience producing both functional and non-representational metal sculptures. He creates railings, furniture, and sculpture primarily forged from iron. He also works with bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and carved stone. As a graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, his methods stem from a strong background in fine art sculpture with an emphasis on design. He has worked with people from many different backgrounds, from building very personal memorial sculptures for Hospice Atlanta to large commercial projects, such as the Arthur Blank Family Foundation monumental stair. As well monumental public sculptures for the city of Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN. “My goal is to create a visual dialogue with each client that will result in highly crafted works of art. I enjoy the collaborative process and feel that the ongoing exchange with architects, clients and builders enhance and strengthen my work.” Throughout a project, Michael generates concept drawings, scale drawings and sample models to further the understanding of the project for both the artist and the client.
The ability to create works of art from two genres, the functional and sculptural, offers endless possibilities to strengthen and enhance a space. “Heating metal red hot allows me to control the material in its briefly malleable state to create fluid and graceful structures.” Using large industrial forging hammers, Michael imparts power and force onto the surface of the material, captured for a life span of centuries. The functional work is integrated into the architecture, being attentive to the design and scope of the project. Sculptural work becomes part of an interior or exterior landscape, interacting with its environment; the light, weather and human activity. It can be a powerful controlling essence of a large-scale kinetic sculpture embracing its environment or a simple table top adornment. Often the lines between function and sculpture are blurred. Michael Dillon forges a relationship with each client to bring forth a collaborative vision for highly crafted works of art.

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