Dave Allen

I have always been inspired by the imagery around me, and after moving to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina in 1999 I was struck by the captivating scenery and often surreal beauty that surrounded me. My desire to capture these stunning locations eventually led me to pick up a camera in an effort to preserve not only the picturesque landscapes around me, but the fleeting and often times enchanting conditions that these landscapes endure. My portfolio of images includes vast mountain landscapes, silky smooth waterfalls, and native mountain wildlife.
I have never been satisfied with simply capturing an image of a remarkable landscape. My desire is to capture a photograph that is not only taken from an incredible vantage point, but to capture that scene during extraordinary conditions. I am always seeking that special something that you don’t see every day, that perfect moment when something amazing happens. To be able to capture these magic moments is what I believe is the true essence of landscape photography.

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