Chelsea Locklear

My goal in music is for you to feel it, to relate to it and establish an understanding through the story all while being memorable. Laugh, cry, go hard and rap, contemplate past memories, sing at the top of your lungs, enjoy your dang day. I want my music to create moments, and for those moments to become memories.” – Chelsea That’s the driving force behind the music of Chelsea Locklear. She wants to bridge gaps with her lyrics and be able to start a conversation with every listener. Chelsea writes and performs her music with the audience in mind, thriving in performances that are interactive. Her songs are crafted so that the hooks are memorable and can create moments. The journey from her birthplace of Norfolk Virginia to her current residence in Charlotte North Carolina has prepared her for a strong live presence. Ever since her childhood, she has been imitating whatever noises caught her ear, and in that process music won her heart.

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