The blonde hair, blue eyed, North Carolina native, and pop country singer- songwriter, was born into a family of music, competition, and hard work. Callie began singing in the local church choir from a young age and was always looking for the next solo or performance. Born into a musical family, her classically trained mother, bluegrass playing family friends, and pop music loving friends tuned her ear to love more than the country music she already loved. When Callie wasn’t trying to learn every song on the radio, she was working with horse farms, both working on the farms and with the animals. This love taught her hard work, patience, and to not be afraid to get dirty. After seeing many performances at the Grand Ole Opry and many concerts in Charlotte, North Carolina, she had a dream of what it would be like as a big star, but with school and family changes, she kept the dream small. At the end of 2015, she said goodbye to her beloved grandmother and in the beginning of 2016 she pushed herself to take a leap of faith and trust her God given talent, and to begin recording music. Callie signed a full production deal with Platinum Vybe Recordings in September. She is now working on her first pop country EP that is to be released early 2017.

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