The Wagsters

The Wagsters are not your typical magic act. With over 20 years of theatrical & illusionary training combined, Brandon & Hannah Lynne are taking classical magic and bringing it into this century. They are the NEW Classic Illusionists. This husband and wife team use classics of magic and are keeping them alive with fresh modern presentations for the hip crowd that has seen it all.
BRANDON WAGSTER- Brandon is said to be one of the countries rising stars of magic. With 10 regional, national, and international magic awards no wonder he has received praise from some of the world’s top magicians like Criss Angel, Jeff McBride, and Lance Burton. Brandon’s dynamic personality, high energy, strong stage presence, unique sense of humor and flawless sleight of hand truly make him one of the best young entertainers in the world today.
HANNAH LYNNE- Behind every great magician is a woman… in a box. Hannah is so much more. Having been Brandon’s leading lady since 2010, she is an indispensable part of the show. From performing illusions onstage, assisting audience members, and knowing the show inside and out, Hannah is a vital part of every show’s success. With classical training in dance and flute she is no doubt one of the best partners you could have onstage.

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