Tanya Boggs


With an MFA and two decades of experience in her rearview mirror, Tanya Boggs is an award-winning photographer specializing in creating strong images. She helps entrepreneurs and small companies reflect their brand identity throughout their marketing by providing on brand photography, on demand. She has found that the right photograph can inspire people to step into a greater vision of themselves, which makes them even more attractive to their ideal clients.
Tanya’s commitment to high quality custom photography and her obsession with traveling guarantees she will go to the ends of the earth to delight her clients with fresh, relevant content for all their marketing needs. Whether she’s photographing a head shot for a new business owner or sending image content back to clients during the course of her travels, she likes to bring on the fun with each photography session.
Her favorite moments are often the quiet ones, working one-on-one with an individual, when she can get to know someone and draw them out of their shell. She savor’s the ability to reveal each person’s unique strengths and beauty. And she loves the opportunity to show clients an authentic reflection of themselves they may not have realized that others see. She has been based out of Charleston, SC since 2010. And when she’s not behind the camera in her studio, you can find her with her eyes on the road ahead while she lives and works from her home on wheels, chasing waves, surfing at sunset, and searching for her next big adventure.

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