Shannon Tabor

Shannon Tabor

Born and raised in the beautiful wetlands of Charleston, South Carolina, Shannon is inspired by the rugged and natural elements that surround her. She lives on a quiet, plantation style farm with her husband and teenage daughter. Her background in art began as a passion for poetry and writing, yet she really enjoyed working with her hands. The combination of engineering and art in working with clay and jewelry design provides her with constant inspiration and never ending possibilities.
Not only does Shannon enjoy creating her jewelry to sell, she also has a love of teaching her art to others. You can find her hosting workshops all over the world, as well as being an international instructor for the online course- Adventure Art Retreats. Shannon’s work is recognized worldwide, as she is an avid artist and seeker of new techniques and design. As a contributing author to magazines dedicated to this incredible medium she greatly enjoys inspiring and encouraging others in her field and shares her expertise from her background in Public Relations and Marketing.

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