Mike Freund


MIKE FREUND (pronounced “friend”) a native of the South Jersey, never made it to his first paying gig. He instead, spent the night in the ER, suffering a concussion and receiving stitches to his head after suffering a car wreck. Once recovered, he persisted, making a name for himself. He performed with, MUNGER N FLORENCE, followed by PIMPHAT. Both bands performed in several local showcases, appearing on local TV 12 Late Night and a small local tour ending at THE HARD ROCK CAFE in Philadelphia. Later, Mike began working as a session player in, The Essence Recording Studio. He would often work in trade for time he could spend on his own recordings. In the early morning hours, after a late night session, all of his music equipment was stolen in a burglary. Once again, he persisted and with the help of his soon to be wife Jenn, together they were able to purchase the equipment needed to continue on. Mike quickly learned he’d need to find a way to finance his music aspirations and his growing family. Now married with a daughter, Mike began to subsidize his income by becoming a completely self employed, solo proprietor of his own business, separate of music. Eventually, The Freund Family, relocated to Charleston, SC. Mike quickly immersed himself into the music scene that is deeply rooted in the history of Charleston. He then met neighbor and now conga player, Jeff Leftenant. Building on his craft, performing on the touristy streets of Charleston, he became the frontman of the NORTH BY SOUTH BAND. Still continuing to write and record his own music, Mike took his original works to MANTIS RECORDS, where a budding friendship began between he and sound engineer, MITCH WEBB. With the support of his wife, Jenn, and the guidance of Mitch Webb, Mike recorded and released his first full length solo album
titled “TOE THE LINE”. The up beat single “ HAIR’S ON FIRE” first aired on Charleston’s 105.5 The Bridge in September of 2016. The albums second track “THE HEAT” continues to gain popularity, thanks to 105.5’s radio show “ THE JAM”. After the release of his album, Mike was invited to perform at the South Carolina STATE FAIR. He hired a band for the performance only to be stood up by the drummer. Mike turned to social media and quickly found a replacement. A new loyal and professional friendship was forged with now drummer, MIKE BROWN. Originally from Atlanta, Mike Brown graduated from Morehouse College, schooled in jazz percussion. Mike Brown has work with Cee Lo green, Keri Wilson and many more and was now living in Charleston. Mike Brown has since become a permanent member of the bands line up and is a strong influence on the bands sound. The following spring, THE MIKE FREUND BAND was invited to perform at the North Charleston ATRS FEST. The band performed without a bass player but as luck would have it, MARK SCHLEIS was in the audience. Mark Schleis was actively performing in party bands and was well know in the blues music scene and could often be seen hosting the Low Country Blues Jam around town. After a phone call and a few laughs, Mark joined the band.

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