Ken and Ann Hanchey


Hanchey Jewelers is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Charleston and surrounding areas since 1976. When Hanchey’s began their business they were strictly a repair service for virtually all of the Lowcountry including Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort and Augusta. Shortly after the Hanchey’s decided to offer their services to the public community. Ken Hanchey began his jewelry adventure with parents, Betty and Karl Hanchey, in 1976, “Betty’s Fine Jewelry and Gifts”. In the late 1980’s Ken took over the business and made the decision to not only repair jewelry but design jewelry and sell jewelry and gifts. This is when the name changed to “Hanchey Jewelers”. Later, Ken Hanchey married Ann Allen and they began running the business as a couple. Still serving the Lowcountry today, Ken and Ann Hanchey take pride in serving the Charleston area and supporting their community.

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