Kate Furman

I am a Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry + Metalsmithing Graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. I am also a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry & Metalworking Graduate from the University of Georgia. I have additional education from Alchimia Contemporary School of Jewelry, Fashion Institute of Technology NYC and New Approach School for Jewelers.n I currently live and work in my studio in Greenville, South Carolina. My pieces tell stories.They tell of storms weathered and turbulent whitewater navigated. I collect things while I am wandering in wilderness, seduced by the cast off flora generously littering the ground beneath my feet. They are scored with lines and scars depicting their histories and hinting to aspects of the primitive environment we deprive ourselves of. They are a part of the natural cycle, undisturbed and unprotected, and I aim to highlight their undulations and ornate subtleties. Each piece in my series evokes the place where it was found and what I was doing there. Their presence alone serves as a sketchbook, or journal, of where I have been and what I have seen.

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