Joshua Jarman

Joshua JarmanSomewhere between Rock and Folk, Joshua Jarman’s music blends several captivating guitar techniques with insightful, haunting lyric and vocal. He began his guitar playing endeavors around the age of 8. He never had the opportunity to sit and take formal lessons, so his approach consisted of sitting around emulating what he heard around him. His playing discipline was always 3 solid hours of playing a day. Around 15, he joined his first band and experienced mild success as a young performing artist. This allowed him to become more comfortable with him playing and stage presence before finally committing to solo performances at the age of 19. He began writing about his perspectives. The way he saw things from where he stood. Joshua never paid any mind to where it would take him. At 23 years old, in 2014, he tied with local guitarist Jamisun for the win of the Charleston Acoustic Guitar Throwdown Competition. His uncommon guitar playing style gathered a bit of a buzz in the community shortly after that. Now, he has over 35 original songs, over 100 cover songs, a venue list of over 20 local areas, an endorsement deal with Nicola String Company, and a growing network of fellow musicians and listeners! He expects to release a handful of full length albums during his career and gigs as necessary throughout the world spreading his unique sounding view of this life experience.

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