Jonny Sherwood


I started working on the West coast for a major make up company when I was 17. After a few years, I transferred within that company to their #1 location in New York. I learned much more about the beauty/fashion industry there and had the opportunity to do make up both for film, runway and print. After moving to Charleston and getting involved in the local beauty scene, I began to think that this would be the perfect location to develop a luxury cosmetics line that women/men of any age and race can use to enhance their natural beauty.
My philosophy as a make up artist is that everyone should embrace their unique features and that enhancement of one’s inherent beauty imparts confidence and positive self-image. My ultimate goal is to make sure that all of JONNY Cosmetics clients are encouraged to embrace and love themselves for who they are. Our make up should be used as a tool or an accessory rather than as a “flaw fixer”. We are all flawless in this world!

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