Awarded Charleston’s Best Acoustic Guitar Player 3 years in a row and playing more shows than anyone else in the vicinity every year since 2007, it’s safe to say, JamiSun is one of the hardest working musicians around. His cover song list exceeds 300 songs easily and ranges from Johnny Cash to Metallica, with a little John Mayer and Tom Petty sprinkled in there. His three piece band “The JamiSun Tr3o” has the energy of most four and five piece acts with a set list that covers everything from Oasis and Zac Brown to Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, and The Foo Fighters. His voice is extremely versatile and he has an ability to sound a lot like the artists that he is covering. When performing at weddings, his original instrumental compositions set the mood pre ceremony and he plays any song of choice as the bride walks down the aisle. Cocktail hours are never the same without JamiSun performing Edwin McCain, The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and Eric Clapton as he announces the bride and groom and Djing an all request reception immediately afterwards with his top of the line sound system that will never need to be turned up more than halfway. JamiSun has been in the business for over a decade and has more than enough experience to handle any situation professionally and effortlessly. JamiSun’s original music is something to be experienced. Check out his music on Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and many other media outlets where his music is available. JamiSun plays almost every night of the week and sometimes doubles on the weekends from all over Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Murrell’s Inlet to Hilton Head,Savannah, Costa Rica, and Europe in the off seasons. He holds a record in Charleston for playing to a packed house on East Bay Street for 7 and a half hours straight without taking a break and without repeating any of the same songs in that period of time.
A well traveled musician, JamiSun has played shows in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Central America, Alaska, Key West, California, all over the Southeast U.S. and is dedicated to adding more locations in the future. He has shared the stage with Zac Brown, Edwin McCain, Jeffrey Gaines, Cracker, and The Dead Kennedy’s, and plans to add to that list as well. He has recently performed at The Best Fest in Costa Bellena, Costa Rica, and Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, played at the famous “Jazz Cafe” in Escazu San Jose, Costa Rica and has toured from the Pacific to the Carribean side of Central America.
Over 20 years of dedication to the guitar shines through in his performances in the styles of Rock, funk, metal, reggae, flamenco, and blues as well as his unique ability to resemble multiple vocalists with his versatile voice. His live shows are energetic and entertaining as he covers many different artists as well as playing original instrumental loop compositions that quickly capture his audience’s attention as well as passerbys. His original studio material stands on it’s own, and the local radio station has been playing his music on the air for the last few years. JamiSun is also a great teacher. Instructing many students and has created a guitar learning system called “Fret Fu” that teaches any player how to improvise in any key while blindfolded. He also gives lessons internationally via Skype. He enjoys inspiring other artists to continue to write and share their originals via the “Charleston Songwriters Guild” that he founded in 2009. A showcase for bringing original artists some well deserved attention by creating a listening atmosphere in lieu of a typical bar scene full of noisy patrons. You can currently catch the CSG every Monday night from 7 to 11 at “King Dusko” 541 King St in historic Downtown Charleston.
JamiSun previously released “All I’ve Got for Now” in Summer of 2010. A 14 track full length album of his first shot at being a producer. It covers many genres from Spanish Flamenco to Reggae, Metal, Pop, Ska, punk rock , and a mix of other styles in between it all. It was an experimental and beginning point for his career as an original artist and producer. JamiSun latest release “Naked Versions of Overdressed Songs” is a testament to him sacrificing image for honesty and vulnerability in order to inspire other artists. JamiSun is skilled in his art as a technical musician and a performer, and for him to put something with no guitar solos, loose guitar playing, and no pitch correction on the vocals was difficult to do. But it was done as a sacrifice to encourage others to “stop over- critiquing everything and allow yourself to be imperfect”. Just do something to get some momentum going. Whether you’re a painter, writer, musician, poet, or whatever it is that you do creatively, allow yourself to put out a rough draft. “I still cringe when I listen to some of it, but it’s done and there’s not much I can do about it now. I made the commitment when I recorded it and made 1000 copies.” The feedback has been better than expected though, so the sacrifice is worth it. JamiSun is currently in the studio recording “fully dressed” singles instead of full albums enabling him to focus on one song at a time and perfect each one before going on to the next. This gives him freedom to explore different genres without confusing the listeners by putting them all on one release. Plus it makes for a wider demographic when targeting TV shows and movies since he is a paid songwriter and publisher for ASCAP.

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