Holly T Benton

I am a potter currently working in Charleston, South Carolina, and a member at Cone 10 Studios. I was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. I started working with clay in high school, and when I received my BAs in studio art and art history from Tulane University (New Orleans, LA), my concentration for the studio art degree was ceramics. I have also studied ceramics and sculpture at the Gibbes Museum School (Charleston, SC), Brookline Arts Center (Boston, MA), and CallanwoldeFine Arts Center (Atlanta, GA).
While in college, I became immersed in the New Orleans music scene. The movement of the other people at music events and in everyday life really inspired a similar movement in my work. The use of the illusion of movement is the main unifying theme that runs through my body of work. The other unifying theme is that of organic subjects. Most of my pieces are anthropomorphic in nature, but usually only reveal part of a larger whole that is represented by the void around the piece. I am greatly influenced by the natural world and often recreate things that I see. Most recently, I began making objects that remind me of shells and rocks because I do not want to remove some things or kill them just to have something. So I make what I want.

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