Gary Austin

Gary AustinBorn in Central Kentucky, Gary Austin was always a creative soul, though he didn’t begin his artistic journey painting. At Columbia college in his early twenties he studied at becoming a sculptor. Later he drafted into oil painting and then later water colors. He is now mastering his unique style. Gary began learning to paint in water colors in a self taught manner while living in Charleston, South Carolina.
Drawing from his natural talents, would learn additional knowledge, techniques, and history as he went. After 25 years of being away, he moved back to Kentucky still working solely in water colors, as he continuously did for a total of 15 years. Gary’s parents were also Artists and when his father passed away, using a pallet knife with his fathers last pallet of oil paints, Gary created an oil painting. As he lay his fathers pallet knife down, he did not paint again for 3 years. His Mother never painted again thereafter. Also being a minister for Christ, Gary is divinely inspired by God who influenced him to pick his brushes back up and paint again. For the past 10 years he has primarily painted in oils. To best explain the works of Gary Austin is to call him a “Trifecta”. He has three ways of creating his works, whether it be in water color or oil: Christian Depictions; Breathtaking Scenery; or Contemporary Statements. While most Artists are typically set in their style, Gary is very much like the greats throughout history whom understand certain styles, but they like to change things up and make a statement from time to time. Gaining insight on an Artists journey helps one understand their point of view and creates the ability to read their work better.

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