Fleming Moore


Fleming Moore, a native of the Low Country of South Carolina, sings songs seeded in a heart of hope, despair and perseverance. His sound is an authentic Americana Fusion style with roots bearing resemblances to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Having persevered through many trials and tribulations that nearly ended his life, he’s moved to share his transformational experience with others. Early in life, Moore was exposed to the music of Dylan, The Animals and The Rolling Stones. From the age of three, he has been writing songs, beginning by emulating the melodies and lyrics from the records his older brothers would bring into his world.
“Folk Songs For The Apocalypse”, his first of a series of three EPs, is an ontology of his own life. It explores the futility of seeking joy through materialism, the inevitability of death and struggles with addiction, faith, forgiveness and reconciliation. These heartfelt songs challenge the listener to examine the purpose of their own lives. Fleming says,
“Folk Songs is a story about the beginning of a journey that starts out with the ambitious pursuit of material success in Track 1, but ends up leaving you in the ghetto, lost and looking for a way out at the end of track 4.”
His 2nd EP, “On The Edge Of America”, continues the journey that begins in “Folk Songs”. Tracks 1 and 2 take the listener further down the road of despair and futility, but eventually reaches a glimmer of hope in tracks 3 and 4. Moore says, “‘Folk Songs’ was about the beginning of a journey, where wrong turns lead to despair and brokeness. ‘On The Edge Of America’ marks a turning point, along that journey.” “Someone’s Son”, the final EP in the series, was released on August 31, 2018 and received airplay on radio stations from California to Connecticut as well as France.

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