Chris Baur

Charleston native Chris Baur has always, since his adolescent years, been fired up by the art of song. His live performances resonate with the energy of raw, yet polished power-pop/rock, with well thought out, self-written lyrics that reflect his positive energy displayed in guitar and piano songs and melodies. Brought up in a house that had always listened to and talked about songs at home, but didn’t include any musicians, he began to feel his musical side surging around the age of 13. Somewhere around finishing up 2 years of piano lessons and suddenly finding himself growing a strong connection with songs from various bands, it just clicked to Baur that he needed to be active in the musical world.
Baur knew he wanted to be a part of it as an artist in as many ways as he could. He began writing his own songs, and performing simple covers on the keyboard at home, as well as getting a starter electric guitar and teaching himself some of the chords. His first song was written around this time, and was called “For Granted”. It was a song of thankfulness and contentment, the first of many songs that would promote the same positive energy that carries him in his career today. Chris has always been able to keep his performances both personal and professional. He’s often told after his shows that he performs the same way if he’s playing for 10 people or 500 people, yet he always finds ways to connect with the people he’s playing for, whether through telling stories about his experiences from the mic, passing some percussion instruments to audience members so that they can participate, sitting with them while he takes his intermissions, or anything else that may happen when someone is doing something they are passionate about sharing with other people in a dynamic, live setting. A true Charlestonian, Chris is proud to be from a place where music is interwoven into the framework of the city. He’s been around the US and around the world. 20 countries so far, and nearly every big city here at home… He can say that he’s never seen a place with quite the cultural charm of Charleston. The friendly, respectful people beaming of southern hospitality, the ample supply of lively restaurants and venues featuring singer/songwriters or bands showcasing their self made material, plus the natural beauty of the land and architecture and even food, it’s just a unique mix of good things that bodes so well with the art that is music and songwriting.
During the year of 2014, Chris played around Charleston and also to other parts of South Carolina, such as headlining a show at the Mellow Mushroom in Anderson, SC, which garnered him an interview and write-up in Greenville’s newspaper that week.
Since then, Chris has continued to play his musical variety shows to many local audiences, often times playing to local restaurants and clubs, such as Manny’s Grille, The Porch at the I’on Club, the Kickin Chicken, and various other locations, as well as events of all kinds. Baur loves being that musician that people can think of to adapt and entertain in a variety of settings… he’s done weddings, played oyster roasts, and even played for yoga classes.
To be able to bring his music to all kinds of happenings and spaces is something that he treasures. 2016 had started with a fresh burst of musical energy for Chris’. He began working in the studio and recorded a handful of new demos of songs.

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