Carolina Chupacabra


Formed in 2008, South Carolina metal trio Carolina Chupacabra has been moving forward with the monstrous steps of the mythical beast for which they are named. Straying from the normal confines of shredding guitars and incoherent screaming, the band has developed a unique blend of old-school power chords and stylized thought-provoking lyrics, all fronted by crisp clean growls and screams that only vocalist/guitarist Wade Parrott can deliver. Along with drummer Jeff Campbell and bassist Jason Kneece, Carolina Chupacabra is opening new doors for the entire SC music scene. Their 2009 debut release, Birth of the Beast, gave a brief, but well versed, glimpse into the mind of the band, only to have that glimpse completely overcast by their 2012 release, Living the American Nightmare. Up until this point, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Kylesa, Jucifer, Throttlerod, and Temptation’s Wings. Now, with an April 2012 album release party under their belt, it’s time for Carolina Chupacabra to do what they do best: “To be like the Chupacabra a Mythical Entity that people will always remember. They will always remember the diversity in our music.”

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