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I am an extremely passionate and expressive individual who has expressed myself through art and music since a little girl. My creative roots in opera, dance, and photography have made me who I am today. I am approaching 10 years as a professional wedding photographer and am so blessed beyond belief that Christ has blessed me with a life that gives me pure joy. I am an avid world traveler, Christ follower, proud cupcake consumer, music fanatic, and lover of diversity, culture, and old architecture.
Although I have lived most of my life on a theater stage, photography was always my escape; It was life beyond the lights and allowed me to express how I viewed the world in my abstract mind. In everyone, I see beauty and in everything there is art. I genuinely adore capturing people in their purest form and crying with you as you experience unforgettable life moments. I live and breathe this, and I feel most alive when I am doing what I love.

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