Atlas Road Crew

Rock and Roll can never die—it’s just a mistress that refuses to settle down, sometimes playing it safe and shacking up on the Top 40, sometimes hanging out with the edgy art crowd. But usually, you need to be reminded why you fell in love with the beast to begin with.
Enter Atlas Road Crew. Hailing from the oft-overlooked southern music hotbed of Charleston, SC, ARC has been buzzing up and down the east coast since coming together in 2011. Simply put, Atlas Road Crew is everything you love about Rock n’ Roll: Their shows are a non-stop party, at times on the verge of punk with the boundless energy the boys put into every song. However, where punk can be
shambolic, every member of ARC is a master of their part: Singer Taylor Nicholson can wail with the best of ‘em. Lead guitarist Dave Beddingfield will melt your face with his classic Fender Stratocaster. Bryce James is on the keys, prodigious in his style. The rhythm section is flanked by bassist Max Becker—who keeps it all together—and
drummer Patrick Drohan, who keeps the party beating at a breakneck pace.
Atlas Road Crew’s live shows and prowess are quickly starting to set them into orbit. Having only released an EP in 2012, 2014 has been an especially big year. The boys played the legendary music industry Sunset Sessions in Carlsbad, CA in February; played the Wakarusa Festival in June; and have shared the bill as the sole opener for the Hard Working Americans (featuring Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools) and South Carolina sons, Hootie and the Blowfish. This summer saw ARC in the studio with
Grammy Award winning produce Rick Beato, working towards a full-length debut for Spring 2015.
Atlas Road Crew is: Taylor Nicholson (vocals, guitar) from Pawley’s Island, SC; Max Becker (bass) from Charleston, SC; Dave Beddingfield (guitar) from Charlotte, NC; Bryce James (piano) from Columbia, SC and Patrick Drohan (drums) from Great Falls, VA.

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