Angela Powers


Angela’s work has been described as “painterly, romantic, impressionistic, and….just beautiful.” Angela’s work is expressive and thought provoking. Simplicity of form and awareness of light is evident in her work. She takes a subject and is informed by it but then creates something all her own.
Angela studied figure and portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, painting and drawing at Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and has participated in numerous workshops across the country as well as in Europe. “To be an artist is to be a lifelong student” says Angela. Angela has a long and varied art career. After graduating from MTSU with a marketing/fashion merchandising degree, she started a painted children’s clothing business. She has also painted commercial and residential wall murals, pet portraits, home portraits, and eventually she opened and ran an art school for ten years in New Albany, Ohio. Purple Dog Art Studio. After selling the art school in 2012 and returning to her native middle Tennessee, Angela now paints full time and leads art groups to Italy and France- Angela enjoys sharing the love of art, her most notable students: impoverished children of the wine farmers in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I am interested in impressionism on the edge of abstraction achieved by simplicity of form. In my work I am looking to evoke a feeling: attitude, beauty, sensuality, romance. My favorite subjects are females, fruit, flowers, and furry friends- pet portraits. My emphasis is on color and a good design.
My figurative work begins with paint sketches from life looking for accuracy of the human form, not necessarily likeness but a gesture or feeling from a pose or posture. I finish the piece in my studio observing edges, and brushwork leaving in and taking out until I achieve a beautiful design that helps to interpret the feeling that I am trying to evoke. I am interested in, above all, a good design and beautiful piece. My pet portraits are from photo references. Even then, I am looking for a beautiful painting, not an exact copy. My goal is to capture the spirit and soul of an owners beloved pet and create beautiful art.
My current body of work are still life paintings from life, not exact copies of what I see, but a beautiful interpretation of what I want the viewer to see. They can be described as very “painterly”, with liberal use of brushwork and color.

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