Angel Allen


My attraction to clay and glass has blossomed into a love affair with the medium of mosaic over the last 15 years. Delving through junk drawers, trash piles, and stained glass shops unearths treasures that become seeds for the next mosaic and represent important themes in my work. The gorgeous, colored art glass brings life and freshness while creating movement and harmony. The reflective quality of the iridescent glass brings a water element as does the mirror. The clay is my natural, earthy and textural element which grounds the piece and often provides my focal points. The found objects represent our community and relationships. Metaphorically, the practice of putting broken things together reminds me, and I hope those that enjoy my work, that we are all a mosaic – fragments of time and experiences, hopes and disillusionments, joy and suffering that come together in the end with some kind of truth and beauty intact.
The ability to analyze and develop creative solutions to a myriad of artistic projects in collaboration with other stakeholders defines why I enjoy what I do. Determining ways to efficiently create a 20′ long mosaic on a curved wall with 15 students; finding a solution to designing, fabricating and hanging a 150 lb. mosaic for Army Headquarters at Fort Jackson; and collaborating with 17 Haitian teenagers on an exterior mosaic in 100 degree temperatures without speaking each other’s language are all examples of persistence, experience and success that makes what I do so worthwhile and exciting.

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