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Formed by local southern grown ceramic artist Allison Anne Brown in late 2015, Bone Collector Studios is a local art school that brings something unique to the Upstate. Besides being immensely fun and set in the coolest place in the upstate, B.C. Studios is a creative grotto for people of all artistic interests from professional artists to beginners offering classes, private lessons, and studio access for any situation. (Yeah, we handle it all) B.C. Studios is located in the old Taylor’s Mill, once a textile empire for the area.
It has now been transformed into a budding city of artists, entrepreneurs and small

businesses. Allison has been proud to continue to be a part of this community and its spectacular growth for five years now. It was and is, the perfect setting for artistic inspiration. B.C. Studios prides itself in offering something different for the Greenville and Taylors area. Besides hosting your everyday art needs, Bone Collector Studios also holds not-so-conventional public events to keep even the most boredom-prone, entertained.

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