Zev Fisher


I have lived with a camera in my hands for more than 20 years. My love for photography began when I was a teenager exploring Cambridge and Boston; I made portraits of the people and places most important to me, developing the photographs in a darkroom I built in my parent’s basement. To this day, I continue to capture portraits which depict the honesty and humor of real life. After years of self-taught experimentation, I attended the New England School of Photography where I learned the technical knowledge which you can’t teach yourself in a basement. Aperture, ISO, color balancing…all this was a foreign language before NESOP. I continued my studies at the Art Institute of Boston, earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography. It was here that I combined my technical background with a classical art education. This formal training helped focus my creativity and taught me to literally change my thinking in order to translate my ideas into photographs. Clients often ask what I like to photograph when I’m not working. But to me, weddings are personal work. Inspired by their joyful electricity, I’m always honored to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and capture your memories.

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