Trinity Kizer

I have worked in the cosmetics/beauty industry for over 10 years-managing for prestigious brands including MAC and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I am a graduate of Paul Mitchel The School with a degree in Esthetics. My past work includes everything from photo shoots, wedding, fashion shows,and pageants, to extravagant costume makeup. My diverse background and experience have created my unique style and artistic talent. My passion is to bring out the beauty in my subject, no matter their gender, ethnicity, or character portrayal. I am a perfectionist with my work, and always professional- but when we work together, I promise it will be the opposite of boring 🙂 I am available to travel on location, and for private one on one, or group make up lessons. So let’s do this! And have a blast, every step of our makeup journey! 🙂

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