Rachel Wilcox


Rachel Wilcox is a visual artist who was born and raised on the Massachusetts Northshore. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1998. In her current work, Rachel is exploring the impact of routine passages through the urban world. Daily commutes, passages and the resulting cumulative visual collection that can so vividly create a sense of place and belonging.
“The urban world is a source of constant inspiration for me. Cities can be an overwhelming barrage of sights and sounds and to compensate, it is common to become desensitized. Scenes are forgotten or remain unnoticed in a trance-like commute. I enjoy deconstructing these visual moments and rebuilding them in a way that suits my vision. The sliding scale between realism and abstraction is a wide one, and as a painter I have an endless opportunity to explore the nuances of even one mundane visual moment. I feel most inspired when I can immediately deconstruct a scene in my mind; trying to convey this duality to the viewer becomes the challenge. At times, I want to hold on to the integrity of the original scene and at other times, I may only grasp on to a piece of it. How these scenes come together and how they come to create our sense of “place” is intriguing to me.” Rachel is also the creator and designer of The Wonderland Studio, an online shop which makes kinetic mobiles for children and adults alike. She maintains a studio space in Amesbury Ma, which is also a wonderful napping spot for her sidekick and best friend, Elsa the beagle. Follow along on Instagram to see their daily adventures and most current work.

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