Olga S Popova


Olga Popova was born in Moscow, in the family of artists. Student of the Berklee College of Music as a Pianist and a Composer (Film-Scoring Department Major). Olga is laureate of many international competitions. Among them:
2017- receipient of the annual award given in recognition of dedication to music and outstanding performance, Carnegie Hall, New York, USA. 2016- 1st place winner (piano), international competition Golden Classical Music Awards, New York, USA. 2014 – 1st place winner (chamber ensemble), international competition The Muse, Santorini, Greece. 2012 -1st place winner (composition), state competitions Magic Lyre , Romantism: Sources and Horizons, Moscow, Russia 2011- 1st place winner (piano), international competition Mozart Wunderkind Competition, Vienna, Austria. And many other international and regional competitions. 2010-present: author of the piano compositions for the opening ceremonies of the Russian Balls in the Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria. Olga’s solo performance traditionally opens the annual event. In the same time she took part in some other important international music events: Russian-Swiss project Children’s National Diplomacy (a part of the UN-Embassy of Russian Federation in Switzerland cultural collaboration program, 2013) and gala concert in the Richmond Hall, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (on behalf of the Consulate of Russia, 2015).
Olga Popova is an author of many works for different music instruments, including pieces for symphonic orchestra, chamber ensembles, pieces for organ, songs etc. As a young soloist of the chorus, she participates in the top opera performances at the famous Moscow Academic Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich Danchenko : Tosca, La Boheme, The Tale of Tsar Saltan, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (cooperation with the Royal Opera of London), Carmen and many others. Olga is the creator of the “Excelsior orchestra” orchestra, which regularly gives concerts in Moscow and the Moscow region. As a Freshman Berklee College is Music student Olga already participated in concerts not only as a pianist, but also as a singer / songwriter. Olga is a vocalist/pianist and creator of the OP & the band. OP & the band is orchestral-art-rock band (10 people).
They purpose – combine different styles and create a brand new style based on classical music, old school rock and electronic music. That’s why they have classical instruments (harp ,violin and cello) as well as rock-band instruments as guitars, bass etc. Olga Popova actively gives solo, orchestra and concerts with her band in Russia, Western Europe and America.

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