Matt Chase

A lot has changed in my life over the past forty-three years but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for music. Writing, performing, listening. These are the things that get my blood flowing, my energy rising, that make me feel most like myself. For me music is not an occupation but rather a major part of who I am as a person. People often say to me, “It’s so great that you get to do what you love.” While I guess that it is true, that I “love” what I do, I don’t necessarily look at it that way. There are other things that I love doing such as spending time with my family, doing DIY projects, following Boston sports. Writing and performing music for me is just doing what I do, doing what I’m best at. It’s what I’ve spent countless, unpaid hours working on. It’s what I chose to go to college for. It’s what I think about most of the time. Although writing and performing may be what I do best I’m not even close to where I want to be. I don’t think I’ll ever be which is what I love so much about it. There is always a skill that needs to be perfected or something new to learn. A new guitar technique, a new way of phrasing, a new vocal technique, a new creation. The possibilities for gaining knowledge about music are endless. I am constantly inspired by older artists, by newer artists, and all those in between. Whether it’s listening to an ultra successful mega artist or listening to a live, local artist I try to be a sponge and soak in ideas, gain inspiration. Being in the music business for coming up on close to twenty years I’ve had some successes along with failures. Along the way there has been one word that I’ve lived by and fall back on, perseverance. For me it’s not about getting that lucky break that makes me a “rock star”. Those days have probably passed. It’s now about continuing to work my craft. To continue to get better as a performer and writer. To put my all into every performance whether it be onstage in front of a large audience or in the corner of a local restaurant. Keep it moving, improve, persevere. It’s what I’ll continue to do and I guess that’s what I love. Matt lives in the seaside town of Scituate, MA with his wife Kate and three kids Phin, Hadley, and Poppy.

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