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Marika Takeuchihttp://www.goainc.comComposer and pianist Marika Takeuchi, a native of Japan, began studies in classical music at the age of three. In addition to the piano, she played violin and horn for several years. She began studying composition and building a career as a composer at the age of 18 at Shobi Music College in Tokyo. Her early career includes composing for Japanese national radio and Universal Music Japan. As well as being strongly influenced and fascinated by classical impressionism and film music, her passions have also extended into healing music, as she truly believes that music has the profound power to heal and change peoples’ lives.Everpure
In 2009, she moved to United States to study film scoring at Berklee College of Music. She has scored several inspiring, independent short films. She released her first album “Night Dream” in 2011, and her single “The Arctic Light” (2011) has been featured in an Australian TV commercial, the Norwegian Tourism Board’s official website, and several other advertisements and short films. After graduating from Berklee in 2012, she has been actively working on a wide variety of projects as a composer, pianist, orchestrator, arranger, copyist and educator. Her album “Impressions” (2013), was nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album at the 10th annual ZMR Awards, and she released her last album “Rain Stories” in November 2014. Her new album “Colors in the Diary”, which is produced by the Grammy-winning producer Will Ackerman, and features cellist Eugene Friesen and Boston Symphony Orchestra violinist Si-Jing Huang, is released in April 2016. She recently has scored an award-winning short film “More Than One” directed by Takahisa Shiraishi, as well as the main theme for his latest web series “Link to a Dream Journey”.

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