Luisa Alberto


My interest in cosmetics goes far back into my childhood as a five-year-old one night my mother was by the window looking out to the concrete jungle from the 6th floor of the sky high Bronx brick building, she was crying, I asked her if I could do her makeup. My intention was to ease her pain; nevertheless, I did an awful job. This is the first memory I have of the desire to want to make a women feel great through art. From a childhood curiosity to an adult passion, I have dedicated my life to acquiring the skills and knowledge that have enabled me to achieve my goal of becoming a makeup artist. However, coupled with the requisite knowledge of one’s art, several additional and highly relevant attributes continually rise to the surface the necessity to be patient, caring, and compassionate. Taking the time and putting in the effort to listen, to hear, and to see. It is this foundation that I bring to my craft and to my clients. On my fourteenth year of experience.
I am of latino decent both my parents are from Honduras Central America I was born in the Bronx, New York but moved to Chelsea, MA in 1992. That is where I was Raised I now reside in Avon, MA. A Chelsea High School Graduate in 2004 went on to Wentworth Institute of Technology for Building Construction. In 2013 I co-founded a viral boutique selling fine jewelry named LA NU DAZZLE I sold it in early 2018. In late 2014 I traveled to Dominican Republic during my one year stay I decided to further my beauty career and enrolled in an academic program receiving a masters in hair dressing cut and color from Leomar Institue in Santiago RD. While in Dominican Republic I also taught Professional Makeup classes. My ambition, vision, and drive have no end I am truly in Love, obsessed and dedicated to everything I do, My heart and soul goes into every project and every job I take on from small to large. I love art and all forms of It. Enhancing beauty is my calling let me enhance yours”‘.

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