Kalidasi is Reiki Master, Professional Tribal Belly Dance performer/teacher, and student of Classical Indian Dance in the Boston area. Kalidasi’s dance is motivated by the individual soul that seeks to reach a bliss-permeated state. Through honoring the teachings of the Vedas and the spiritual philosophy behind the physical movements, Kali dances in a style she calls “Anandamayi Bellydance” or “Bliss-Permeated” belly dance. Hailing from a musical theatre and classical background, Kali began dancing at the young age of 6. From then she immersed herself in several forms and lineages of dance, most notably West African, ballet, tap, Broadway Jazz, and the Horton Technique of Modern dance, while pursuing an acting career in theatre and film. In 2006 she discovered American Tribal Style belly dance under the tutelage of Mimi Fontana of Manhattan Tribal in New York City. She instantly fell in love with the earthy, serpentine energy of this dance form and was captivated by its ability to channel the many faces of the Divine Feminine.
Upon moving to Boston in 2007, she began studying Tribal Fusion technique with Naraya Ligouri and in 2009 was invited to join Naraya’s professional company, Vadalna Tribal Dance Co, as a principal dancer. Kali honors and draws deep from the long, expressive postures of Modern dance, the earthy, serpentine energy of tribal bellydance, and the devotional aspect of classical Indian dance to create her own unique style. She also currently studies Bharatanatayam under Deepa Srinath in Boston, MA and Odissi under her gurus Colleena Shakti and Sudhansu Puhan in Pushkar, Rajasthan. In 2012 she had the honor of performing Odissi at the Pushkar Temple Dance Festival, produced annually by the Shakti School of Dance. Kalidasi continues to perform as a principal member of Vadalna Tribal Dance Company and teaches weekly belly dance classes on American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, and Anandamayi Belly Dance. Sheis the owner of Bhadrakali Healing Arts, a Shamanic Reiki practice in Cambridge, MA and holds a dual degree in Theatre and Women’s Studies from Wheaton College. Kali offers her dance at the Lotus Feet of her Sat Guru, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma). Jai Ma!

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