Jones Creek

Like a good whiskey, Jones Creek blends tastes and tones from it’s member’s diverse origins. The Creek smacks you right in the face with a dirty, outlaw-style southern rock but then sneaks in the smoother sensibilities of country when you least expect it. Jones Creek is currently booking and playing shows to support their debut 4 song EP Whiskey and Women. Whiskey and Women runs the gambit of emotion ranging from the intense dark side of jealousy on the heavy opening track Back in Them Woods to the angst ridden, rockin’ good time of the title track Whiskey and Women. Then onto the soul searching ballad of Make Me Want to Stay, asking the question is this worth it? Which brings us to High on You, the upbeat song about love’s first contact to round it all out. This EP is available on all of the major platforms ( Google Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

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