Jodi Heights


From America’s historic city of Boston, Jodi Heights is hooking listeners with her supple, Broadway tinged voice and rockin’ piano chops. Fans describe her as “Fiona Apple meets Regina Spektor” and her songs as “poetically crafted and authentic.” In the sea of singer-songwriters, Jodi stands out with her classically honed technique and her brilliant lyrics that plumb the depths of everyday life, ranging from cheeky to heartbreaking. Jodi sings life unexpected. She is currently working on her first EP. In the meantime, Jodi performs in the Greater Boston area at venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, The Middle East, The Burren, Atwood’s Tavern, and the Lilypad. Jodi ultimately hopes to tour and to do more collaborations with musicians and visual artists in her videos and live shows.

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