Jenne Rayburn

I think of myself as both an artist and designer, however, design is my worldview; the lens through which I view, evaluate and understand the world around me. I grew up in rural farming country. This early influence created a lifelong love of folk art, indigenous crafts and things hand-made. I learned to value nature, heritage, storytelling and the elegance of simplicity. I also had the advantage of lots of personal freedom, the safety of a small community and solitude. More than an artist or designer, these influences have made me a design thinker. I use empathy, creativity and rationality to find successful solutions to tricky problems. Trained as an architect and a metalsmith, my work is a reflection of the world around me, experienced every day – with my family, in nature, in my travels, and in architecture. I love to travel, and to meet people and hear their stories. I love history, and the connection I feel to past civilizations when I use the ancient and revered techniques of metalsmithing.
I am fascinated with history and folklore, and my handcrafted jewelry reflects the convergence of mythology, identity and ornament. I believe that personal history has staying power and it never goes out of style. I am captivated by the shape, color and simplicity of a beach stone, a tree branch or a landscape, by ethnic and traditional handicrafts and textiles, by worn brass door-knockers on peeling paint and old wrought iron gates in hand laid stone walls, and by vintage toys and mobiles… It all serves as inspiration. When I am dreaming, sketching and designing I draw on this stimulation to influence, motivate and reveal, synthesizing insights into tangible new ideas. Each resulting original piece is created to be inspiring, to be delightful, and to be enjoyed!

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