Jalen Christopher Rance

Jalen Christopher Rance

I’m a 18 year old singer/songwriter from Boston, MA. Studies song writing at Berklee College of Music at the age of 15. My musical influences are Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke, Jodeci and Kehlani to name a few. I am very kind and caring person and make it a point Jalen Christopher Ranceto give back to the community when possible.
? I am a proud winner of the 2015 Akademia Music Award for BEST SONG R&B / ELECTRONICA and the 2014 Clean Movement Music award for Best Artist. I have also started a small venture in the film world “Killing Khan” to mention one. I was also featured on Pavoh.org Artist of the Week 2014, Noah POPTV. Thank you for all your support I couldn’t have embarked on the this musical journey without you my fans. Please follow me on social media @ twitter/@itsjalenmusic and on Instagram/itsjalenmusic.

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