Jacqueline Seymour

Jacqueline Seymour (or JS ), is an internationally/nationally recognized, published, recording artist, singer-songwriter, producer, performer, runway/print model, and now author of an upcoming children’s book series. Seymour’s is determined to create a learning platform for the youth, with learning disabilities through the use of her upcoming book series and her published music. She plans to change the way children learn and read. The book series will help children and young adults learn to read through a uniquely devised technique of drawing or tracing characters in each book while reading along to the quirky rhymes, and rhythmic storylines.
Jacqueline’s music is upbeat, dance savvy, and lyrically safe for all ages alike to her book series. She has branded her style by now adding her book series which are in themselves acclaimed as “Brilliantly written, and comically enthralling, with a rhyming endulgence that will luer in any age, making them want to read more.” -TLA
About her upcoming book series:
Seymour’s innovative love for writing and helping others, inspired her new upcoming children’s book series. JS describes how her books will be a crucial, constructive tool for learning how to read, and for speech therapy, for grades K-3. JS wanted to create a fun way of learning to pronounce words, comprehend, and how to read. “Children don’t want to read about serious subjects when learning to read. They want subjects they can relate too. Whether it being about something gross, or a funny sound, it has to be something they will have fun reading or listening to. Their attention span is very short lived, so keeping the stories brief with lots of colorfully fun pictures, and catchy story line or rhyme, is also key, just like songs need great hooks/ lyrics,” describes Seymour. This book series will be available in many elementary school systems, and developmental learning programs country-wide.
JS has acquired the skills, to prevail, in her industry, by breaking the norm of expectations. Her most recently featured song “Forever Young” was featured on Boston Free Radio this recently. The song’s lyrics are fun and upbeat, with a dance savvy beat and sound. The flavor of her vocals from the instrumental blend to the beat speaks for itself in the pop genre.
Winner of the month on Indie Scene Radio she is no stranger to the tough competition in the industry.
Behind her music.. Her songs have just the perfect blend of power and punch. Lyrics are fizzy and fun. Her edm-pop style of music can best be compared to a Lana Del Ray sound, and Selena Gomez, with a voice similar to the liking of Madonna, yet still unique in her own style.
Jacqueline’s most recent top notch performance was during the Project Runway Voge Fashion Show fashion week, at the W Hotel Boston, as the only performing artist entertainment of the evening, while America’s Next Top Models walked the runway in some of the worlds top designer’s clothing. Union Station, NYC, LA, Europe, to New England shows/events such as Fashion Week, (Jany’s Fund for abused women, and anti-bullying), among many more to name a few which she has graced her live musical performances.
She has a love for hypnotizing & lifting up her listener’s spirits, with her high energy, original tracks, by taking them out of reality with her music. With her roots Boston strong in Massachusetts, she also volunteers her time at charitable events performing, such as the Central Massachusetts Special Olympics, Cancer Research, Fashion For A Cause, just to name a few, while also bouncing in and out of the studio to record on new EPs working with various known artists. Seymour also performed at Boston and NYC Fashion Week, and Fashion for a Cause. Her music and style perfect for Runway, film and tv. Recently asked to participate performing at WMC (Winter Music Conference), she has her goals set, to perform Ultra Miami, halftime someday, for her favorite New England team, the Patriots.
Seymour’s official music video and self produced radio track “Candy Kisses” supports our military troops and their wives and the struggles they go through, and music video and track “Summer Skies” will take your breath away from her hauntingly, upbeat, gorgeous vocals, her emotionally-hooky lyrics, to the powerful storyline supporting Children’s Cancer Research & Children’s Hospital. Videos directed by Justin Mayotte, whom also does her some of her photography. Her official, worldwide, music videos, Just A Dream, released on Evo Records/ZYX Music, and Summer Skies are now seen, on tv. Her self-produced tracks including Candy Kisses, and Neon Lights, rising in rotation, on commercial radio. Neon Lights, her high energy track, just recently remixed into a Nu-Disco version, and released on iTunes and all stores digital by CLM Remixes (Marcel Albert Harrison and Cris Lara.) The remix was just added to a top 100 worldwide mix tape.
This determined Capricorn girl next door and undoubtedly smart cookie remains clear headed, and grounded in this ever competitive industry. Working and releasing EPs/songs with Indie record labels all over the world, such as Evo Records, Davino Records, SJE Records, Full Room Records, Ecstasy Records, along with top record label distribution, also literally all over the world, from EMI, to ZYX, to Xbox Music. She has worked and released tracks with renowned producers, continuing to push the limits.JS opens her wings and takes flight of edm & pop music to an untouched next high level.

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