Eddie Bruckner


Boston artist, Eddie Bruckner has quickly become one of the hottest, young innovators in today’s art scene. Bruckner’s abstract modern images capture the attention, imagination, and appreciation of his world-wide audience. With diversity of styles, Bruckner’s art constantly pushes the limits of color and design. His work is distinguished by his use of shapes, colors, perspective, and creativity. His provocative abstractions transport the viewer to a new world where fresh perspectives and innovations rule. Bruckner’s paintings explore color, lines, minimalism, and repetition, common themes of late twentieth century art. His recent work focuses on lines, shapes, and the integration of an illusion of mosaic tile. With an unswerving passion for art, Bruckner has been painting, drawing, and sculpting since age 12. “Simply stated, I love art. I relish visiting museums, galleries, and creating visual parallels of my world impressions. I want my audience to personally connect to my art and enjoy the experience. My goal is for people to love art and to celebrate art.” Bruckner’s work continues to be shown in and around Greater New England. I use vibrant colors, bold lines, and the illusion of mosaic tile as a visual language of happiness, love, and the beautification of physical space. Self-taught at an early age, I started painting landscapes and still lifes, developing a strong foundation of skills and techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpting. My recent body of work demonstrates the purity of my abstractions and methodical practice by which I arrive at them. Often the elements of my paintings reflect my observations of the visible world, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language on my canvases.
My broad vision for modern art is clearly demonstrated in my methodical progression of my artistic style from traditional representation to complete abstraction. My paintings evolve in a logical manner, and clearly convey the influence of various modern art movements such as Neo-Expressionism, Pop Art, Cubism, Color Field Painting, Hard-Edge Painting, Minimalism, and most importantly, Abstract Expressionism. My love and enthusiasm for painting have drawn me into educating those who want to paint for themselves. I am dedicated to helping both beginners and experienced artists explore their creative potential. I love to inspire others to discover their dormant artistic ability. With my unique hands-on approach, I encourage my students to reach their own personal artistic goals, inspiring and encouraging students of all ages in a fun and informative approach.

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