Donald Mac Lachlan


My journey to my art has been, like many artists, a long and winding one. I always knew that I wanted to be an artist, but coming from a practical New England background I decided to follow a different course. I was classically educated at Bates College and then Tufts University where I received my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. I then practiced dentistry for the next fifteen years. During that time I tried my hand at ceramics and several other crafts, all of which I found rewarding. Although I loved being a dentist, at age 40 I decided it was time leave that behind and pursue my true passion. I enrolled at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston where I explored many forms of artistic expression and fell in love with jewelry making. The skills I had honed as a dentist have served me well and are evident in the detail which combined with the use of multiple colors and textures is the signature of my work.
Nature and the world around me always fascinate me. I never know where the next inspiration will come from, so I am careful to pay attention to whatever my eye is drawn to. It may be as simple as the lines in the pavement on the street while walking my dogs or as complex as the heavens on a starry night. Whatever it is, I have learned to interpret it in my work with metals and stones and to push it to the limits of my skill and imagination. I have been fortunate over the years to have been represented in some of the finest galleries in the country and to have received a Spectrum Award from the American Gem Trade Assn. for innovative use of colored gemstones in my bracelet design. My work is also included in the collections of many discriminating collectors. It is currently being featured at the Don Muller Gallery in Northampton (, MA, R. W. Wise Goldsmiths ( in Lenox, MA and The Brodney Gallery in Boston, MA. I live in a beautiful little town on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my husband of many years, Stephen and my two beloved puppies, Bucky and Oscar. Life is good and my evolution as an artist continues.

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