Christopher Abrams

Christopher AbramsChristopher Abrams is an artist and designer with a constantly evolving multimedia practice. His work focuses on constructing, programming, or engineering chance and unpredictability into ordered structures and environments. Abrams graduated Harvard University’s Visual Arts Program and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art. He currently teaches Sculpture, Architectural Drawing, and New Media courses at Brandeis University, and also has taught at BostonChristopher Abrams University, Emmanuel and Emerson Colleges, and served as a Thesis Advisor in RISD’s Landscape Architecture program. He lives and works in Waltham, Massachusetts. Christopher’s work explores the territory that lies between systematized design and the disorderly drive of the creative impulse. He is interested in the potential of an inspirational or unexpected object or event to invigorate, and undermine, a more ordered process of analysis and expression, encouraging its evolution into something more lasting and meaningful.

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