Andy and Judy Daigle


Andy and Judy Daigle have been singing together since 2009. It’s a duo built upon common ground. Each draw from a wealth of experience they received while singing with various choruses and choirs throughout their lives. As folk singer/songwriters they have been able to explore many different genres and facets of folk music. Their musical interests range from “old-timey” traditional songs right through the folk music stalwarts such as, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Ian and Sylvia, Townes Van Zandt.They effectively use the guitar and mandolin to set the mood and character of each song. In addition, their performances are highlighted by the quality of their vocal work, each individually and joined together with beautiful harmonies. All of these musical elements are seamlessly presented in their three CDs, Riverbend, Dragonfly and Follow Your Dream.
Both New England natives, Judy is from southeastern Massachusetts where she was introduced to folk music at an early age through her mom’s Neil Diamond and Peter, Paul and Mary records. Andy was born in Maine into a musical family. He spent most of his youth in upstate New York where he grew up listening to folk and church music while traveling with his family before eventually settling in the Boston area.
Interestingly enough, Judy is related to Fred Pike, the talented “flatpicker” credited with bringing Bluegrass to the state of Maine. Although Judy enjoys listening to 80’s rock bands, she hasn’t quite convinced Andy to adapt some of those songs into their repertoire.
his talented folk duo performs regularly at many coffeehouses and open mikes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They also have been featured artists, openers and headliners at many of the local concert venues.

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