AmandaRoseAmanda is a driven individual who believes in the pursuit of happiness. Her schooling has been spent exploring poetry, music, and visual art. Throughout High School she was a member of the National Art Honors Society and part of group exhibits at local hospitals. She went on to spend twoAmandaRose years in the animation program at the Art Institutes and is currently a practicing fine artist. Amanda admires realism’s ability to mimic life and abstraction’s ability to challenge reality. Her personal style incorporates both ideals. She favors texture, expressive brush strokes, and vibrant colors in her work. She believes each painting or drawing is a conversation she can have with the world. She wants her work to evoke an emotion in the viewer. At the end of the day Amanda’s philosophy is “Love never fails.” She puts all of her passion into her work; she wants people to know they aren’t alone, everything a person feels, someone else has felt that way too. People are people and they are worthy of love – most of all their own.

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