Alexandra Kim

I have been working with clay since I was eight years old, but while at high school, I have re-discovered clay and immersed myself in the creative process. I now work with all types of clay—porcelain, white stoneware, salmon stoneware, and terra cotta. I wheel-throw as well as hand-build, but hand-building is what really captures my imagination and creativity. For many months, I worked with a theme of incision. I cut small circles, ovals, and irregular shapes into my forms and experimented with the many ways that the negative and positive spaces could work together. Forms in nature deeply inspire me. For many months, all of my pieces were inspired by the coral reef. I researched different types of coral and used incision as well as deep grooving to emulate these organic forms in nature. I also spent many months deeply exploring various styles of Korean ceramic. I researched Sanggam, a technique of inlaying slip to create an interesting surface; and also created my own version of Onggi jars, Korean fermentation jars used to make pickles such as kimchi. Always looking to expand the possibilities, I am continuously experimenting. Most recently I have been exploring deep carving and marbling clay. Immersed in my clay projects, I easily and happily lose track of time in the studio.

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