Adam Zampino


My early days as a pianist focused on solo performances and composing. As I entered college, I joined a country and rock band called Anything Goes as the keyboardist and accompanying singer.
After college, I formed a small Euro-folk-rock band with a local Czech artist called Bad Accent. In that band, I was a guitarist and keyboardist, as well as adding some vocals. We focused on writing original music and formed a full band with bass and drums and additional vocalists.
Since July of 2000, I have been working primarily with Senegalese superstar Mamadou Diop and his projects. As keyboardist and vocalist for the band MAMADOU, I have been fortunate to see us be nominated for the Boston Music Award as International Artist of the Year four times, winning the award in 2011. We continue to craft new and interesting music, heavily based on the countless rhythms of West Africa mixed with western and electronic instrumentation. I even learned added some percussion instruments (including various African drums) to my repertoire.
Outside of working with MAMADOU, I am a solo pianist at heart. My preference is an acoustic grand piano (typically the very expensive kind), while I do also work with electronic pianos and keyboards regularly. That is what I am offering my services with here – piano and keyboard. I am an ear-trained musician. Sheet music is not a part of my world, as it never has been. I was gifted with the ability to comprehend music and sound, and worked on developing that gift as a composer and as a performer. When working with others, I am fluent in music theory as well.
Throughout the years, I have had the good fortune of performing on many stages and in many venues all over with audiences ranging from intimate to many hundreds and more (including performing several times in a parade for over 50,000 appreciative listeners), recorded on tracks for other artists, performed music to which wedding parties have marched, added background music at many an inspiring art show, supported politicians and ribbon cutting ceremonies, and more. Music makes a difference. It makes normal events memorable. It makes memorable events enjoyable. It is what I would like to bring to you.

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