Walt and Teresa Huntsman

Walt and Teresa HuntsmanWalt has written lyrics and composed melodies in his head for years, inspired by personal experiences and, quite frankly, whatever pops into his head. In 2014, Seattle-born Walt (lead vocals, percussion) and deep-South Teresa (acoustic guitar, backing vocals) began working to arrange and finalize his best songs, which draw on a variety of styles: blues, light jazz, folk, pop, and a dash of country, mixing them all into an acoustic blend. In 2015, Walt and Teresa released their first self-produced CD, True North, to friends and family. They followed that up in 2016 with a second self-produced CD, Ten Miles From Bliss, available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon. Walt writes prolifically, and every so often, the stars and planets align, and he comes up with a song he is happy with and that works with Teresa’s acoustic guitar. Together, Walt and Teresa are chasing musical domination (not really) whilst jugging the demands of everyday life, a house, a dog, and the desire to go camping more than once or twice a year. We hope you enjoy what you hear.

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