Venture Coy

Venture CoyVenture Coy grew up in Boise, Idaho and found art to be the strong interest in his life. At a young age he determined that this was to be his chosen work. As a child he would sit for hours studying the beautiful illustrations in the magazines and doing pencil sketches. Later a correspondence course while in high school gave him a good grounding in the basics of art. He went to work for a large company and did commercial art for over fifteen years. During this time he painted and worked in different mediums and started to exhibit and sell his work. He was invited to be one of the artists in the Idaho Wildlife Art Show. While at the show one day, a lady who was an art rep, came by and asked him to do large Idaho landscapes in oils. From this relationship many of his paintings were sold to businesses in the area as well as private homes. Almost all of his work is realistic. Five years ago he did an impressionistic painting with palette knives that sold right away. This brought about a desire to expand his horizons by painting looser and using only the painting knives and doing more abstract studies from his imagination. These were fun and he loves to loosen up by doing some of these. There is tremendous joy in standing at a palette and mixing beautiful colors and applying them to canvas. People started coming to him and asking him to teach them and he has done this in his studio for many years, as well as doing workshops in the area.
His students give him much enjoyment as he passes on to them what he has learned about painting as well as challenging him to try new things in the classes. The majestic mountains, rivers and deserts of the west fill him with inspiration and offer an endless variety of subjects to paint.He works mostly in his studShubhpujaio, but has done plein air work outside as this is the best teacher. One Man shows: Brown’s Gallery of Boise First Street Gallery The Idaho State College Galerie Belle Ame Awards: 2006 Top Fifty Mini Paintings Winner in Paint America Contest Five Awards with Ducks Unlimited of Idaho and Oregon Featured Artist “Painting the Beauty of the West” in the Skywest magazine 2005.

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