Tori King

Tori King is a local dance artist. She has trained extensively in ballet and contemporary dance but truly found a home in middle eastern dance. Her heart beats to the rhythm of folkloric and modern raqs sharki styles, particularly saidi dance, and she performs the American styles of Tribal, Lyrical Fusion and American Cabaret in the Treasure Valley as well as Turkish and Greek Belly Dance. Tori has been interviewed on local NPR show, Idaho Matters, and can be seen dancing at festivals and dance events in the pacific northwest. Tori has appeared as a principle dancer with the Starbelly Dancers and has been featured in the annual fundraiser, “The Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show” and in “The Art of Belly Dance” at the Sapphire Room. Tori is also proud to collaborate with other local artists and had a part in projects such as Migration Theory play, “small matters,” and has performed with FUSE Dance Collaboration and Fleet Street Klezmer Band. Tori is a professional apprentice under Cecilia Rinn and StarBelly School of Dance. She has taken workshops from Delilah Flynn and House of Tarab, Karim Nagi, Myra Krien, Kaeshi Chai, Zoe Jakes, Amel Tafsout, Nashwa Cahill, Kay Hardy Campbell, Sarah Barker, Tracy Lay, Michelle Sorenson, Melody Bustillos and many other talented and beautiful dancers. Tori has also trained extensively in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical/contemporary and modern dance in Idaho and in Europe. Tori has experience in Broadway styles through theatrical training as well as a BA in Theatre Arts.

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